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Art in a corporate context

The corporate world has its own specific needs and challenges relating to team spirit, customer satisfaction and the well-being of its employees. Art can act as a powerful catalyst to help companies to thrive.

How can we work together?

  • TEAMBUILDING: Help build a strong team spirit whilst fostering open, constructive communication and stimulating your employees’ creativity. Art is an excellent medium to encourage dialogue and promote strong interpersonal links in a group dynamic.
  • WELLNESS IN THE WORKPLACE: Do your employees need a treat or just some extra breathing space? Organise a cultural visit on their lunch break, or even art history conferences in your own building. Stimulating the imagination has powerful benefits on stress levels and productivity.
  • CLIENT RECEPTION EVENTS: Are you welcoming VIP partners? Mix business and pleasure by offering them the opportunity to discover Paris in a unique way, while discussing in a more informal setting and building trust.
  • SPOUSAL PROGRAMMES: Are you organising a seminar or meeting with international partners, travelling with their partners ? Plan a cultural visit to entertain partners and spouses while business is being done.

Planning a corporate event? Contact me to tell me more about your request and get a personalised offer & quote