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English-born but raised in Normandy, I have been passionate about art for about as long as I can remember! I came to Paris to study Art history at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris before spending a year at the University of Heidelberg in Germany (to find out more about my experience, check out my LinkedIn profile). I now live & work in Paris as a lecturer and an art guide. 

Paris is an amazing city with so many museums and interesting neighbourhoods to choose from! I adore offering bespoke experiences for individuals curious to learn all about art in a fun and engaging way. I offer high-quality tours for individuals  who wish to discover Paris’ treasures in a unique and meaningful way. 

I believe art appreciation starts with looking – so I always start from there and meet clients where they are. So whether you are travelling as a couple, in a corporate setting or with children (fantastic! I am a mum myself!), get in touch! I would love to accomodate you! 


Have you ever experienced “museum fatigue” – felt overwhelmed or claustrophobic in a museum due to an information overload? Or, conversely, perhaps you felt frustrated to not understanding more about what you’re supposed to be in awe over?

For me, visiting a museum or an art exhibition should be about enjoyment and well-being. But sometimes, works of art can seem remote or foreign to us because they reflect a different vision of the world to our own or speak a different visual language.

My role as an art historian is to work with your observations and provide you with the necessary keys to unlock the various possible meanings of the art. This can be a complex process because art history can lead us to discuss painting and sculpture, of course, but also science, religion, or even just world news!

I always adapt to the ages, needs and tastes of all participants, to provide them with a rich and unique experience. My ultimate goal is to help you appreciate the art by trusting your own gaze, so that you can perhaps even get inspired and nourish your own creativity.

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