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The Easter Story told by Art

The Easter Story told by Art 1

Temps de lecture : 17 minutes The Easter story is a fascinating. Let’s have a look at how painters and sculptors throughout the centuries illustrated the Bible’s writings through art!

10 works of art to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day

10 works of art to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day 2

Temps de lecture : 11 minutes On 14 February every year, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. This day has been associated with love since the Middle Ages. Join me in a journey through the centuries in admiration of ten works of art that celebrate Love!

Masks in Art History

masques dans l'histoire

Temps de lecture : 11 minutes In 2020, face masks are everywhere and have become a part of our lives. Through ten examples, let us examine some of the various uses and meanings linked to masks in art history.

10 works of art for Mother’s Day

fête des mères

Temps de lecture : 12 minutes For Mother’s Day, discover 10 works of art about mothers, made by mother-artists, or dedicated to motherhood in general!

10 works of art to get inspired during lockdown

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Temps de lecture : 10 minutes In this unprecedented global context, museums around the world have closed until further notice. While they are taking a break from visitors, why not explore 10 art historical takes on lockdown.

My ideas for artistic New Year’s “resolutions”

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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes If I’m honest, I don’t really like New Year’s resolutions and their implication that we need to somehow “correct” our behaviour. I much prefer thinking of the start of a new year – and decade, as it happens! – as an exciting opportunity for new and exciting experiences. As you know, I am passionate about museums and […]