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Below you will find my latest blog posts. If you'd like to request a piece about a specific masterpiece or artist, feel free to get in touch!


Iconic modern artist couples

Temps de lecture : 9 minutes Discover eight iconic artist couples who marked the history of modern art with their romantic and creative exchanges.

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The Easter Story told by Art

Temps de lecture : 17 minutes The Easter story is a fascinating. Let’s have a look at how painters and sculptors throughout the centuries illustrated the Bible’s writings through art!

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10 works of art to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day

Temps de lecture : 11 minutes On 14 February every year, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. This day has been associated with love since the Middle Ages. Join me in a journey through the centuries in admiration of ten works of art that celebrate Love!

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Masks in Art History

Temps de lecture : 11 minutes In 2020, face masks are everywhere and have become a part of our lives. Through ten examples, let us examine some of the various uses and meanings linked to masks in art history.

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10 works of art to get inspired during lockdown

Temps de lecture : 10 minutes In this unprecedented global context, museums around the world have closed until further notice. While they are taking a break from visitors, why not explore 10 art historical takes on lockdown.

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Henri Matisse, Goldfish, 1912

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes Henri Matisse, Goldfish, 1912, oil on canvas, 146 x 97 cm (Pushkin Museum of Art, Moscow) Goldfish were introduced to Europe from East Asia in

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